GitLab Compliance Features

GitLab can be configured so that one instance ensures general compliance standards.
SSH keys
Minimum SSH key requirements can be set at the instance level.
Fine-grained user roles and flexible permissions

Authorisations can be managed via five different roles. Assignments can be made differently not only for the instance, but also for groups and projects. The following table gives an overview of the essential authorisations:

Action Guest Reporter Developer Maintainer Owner
View code
View GitLab pages
View wiki pages
View job list
View job protocol
Create issues
Assign issues  
Assign reviewer  
Assign labels  
Manage labels  
Lock issues  
Manage issue tracker  
View commit status  
View container registry  
View environments  
View list of merge requests  
Create merge request  
View CI/CD analysis  
Manage token      
Change security level        
Move project        
Rename project        
Delete Project        
Archive project        
Delete issues        
Delete pipelines        
Deactivate notification mails        
Force acceptance of terms of use
Acceptance of the terms of use can be enforced instance-wide.