Python Users Berlin: zopyx-fastapi-auth

  • Wann 11.07.2024 von 19:00 bis 22:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
  • Wo Remote
  • Name des Kontakts
  • Telefon des Kontakts +49 30 22430082
  • Teilnehmer Andreas Jung Veit Schiele
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📆 Agenda

  • 19:00 Welcome to the PUB (Python Users Berlin) – setting up
  • 19:15 Main talk
  • 20:00 Lightning talks
  • 20:30 Social gathering

🎙 Main talk by Andreas Jung: zopyx-fastapi-auth

– yet another, opinionated authentication and authorization framework for FastAPI

FastAPI does not come with a built-in system for handling authentication and authorization. To address this gap during the migration of the Universität of Saarbrücken’s CMS from Plone to FastAPI, I designed and implemented a custom framework called zopyx-fastapi-auth. This framework draws on ideas and experiences from Plone and Zope. The zopyx-fastapi-auth package offers comprehensive support for roles and permissions, and it includes an RDBMS-based user management system compatible with nearly all SQL databases. Additionally, it provides tools for managing users, their passwords, and their roles. One of the key advantages of zopyx-fastapi-auth is that it does not require any modifications to the existing FastAPI implementation. To protect endpoints using a specific permission or role, you simply apply the provided Protected() decorator, which configures the necessary protection for the endpoint.

🧑‍💻 About Andreas Jung

He is a Python professional with nearly thirty years of experience, specializing in backend development, software and enterprise architecture, Python tutoring and mentoring, as well as requirements and project management. He has extensive expertise in content management systems and electronic publishing, particularly in XML and PDF. He is keen on engaging in new, exciting projects where he can leverage his skills as a developer and architect to create significant value for clients. Throughout his career, he has worked across diverse industries including publishing, energy, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. His ability to quickly understand complex topics, analyze requirements, and develop sustainable software and enterprise architectures is a key strength. Currently, his focus is on planning and implementing green-field projects. While he identifies primarily as a backend developer and architect, he also possesses experience in frontend, network, cloud, and deployment. This allows him to contribute meaningfully to all aspects of projects, often collaborating with experts in these specific fields.

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