The Cusy vision: DevOps as an API

DevOps: Halfway there

According to studies recently reported by Heise Developer, half of German developers already work according to the DevOps principle. As an advocate of DevOps, one could therefore sit back contentedly and conclude: half the way is already done.

But this is only half the truth. If you look at how DevOps is implemented in many companies, you see that a large proportion of pro-DevOps companies are only halfway there in terms of implementation. While developers in DevOps teams are now taking responsibility for the code in operations as well, conversely not all sysadmins are taking responsibility for the infrastructure in development as well. Often, developer teams still operate their own infrastructure for development, so that the positive effects of the DevOps principle partially evaporate.

The fact that DevOps is a change in culture and not just the use of a few innovative tools is still not widely known. Even many studies that only ask about the use of certain tools like Docker or Puppet paint a false picture of DevOps.

DevOps is not a toolbox, but a redistribution of responsibility in the company. In classic IT departments, responsibility for development/testing and production is distributed as follows.

It is not uncommon for development and operations to even be located in different departments of a company. In the DevOps culture, the vertical separation between development and operations is overturned and a horizontal interface emerges.

The interface between Dev and Ops is tipping

Application developers take responsibility for their application, regardless of whether it is in development or production. Conversely, however, the system administrators also take responsibility for the entire infrastructure from the development environment to the production environment.

So the paradigm shift occurring with DevOps is essentially one that changes the distribution of responsibility, not one that merely provides new tools like Puppet and Chef.

Cusy is the Ops in DevOps

DevOps is the philosophy of unifying Development and Operations at the culture, practice, and tool levels, to achieve accelerated and more frequent deployment of changes to Production.

– Rob England

Cusy facilitates the transition from the classic IT organisation to agile DevOps structures. As a service provider, Cusy takes responsibility for the entire infrastructure: from development to the test environment to the productive system. Cusy is the Ops in DevOps and relieves companies of the task of maintaining their infrastructure themselves. Cusy provides companies not only with the technical infrastructure, but also with the complete development and operating environment, including all the necessary tools.

Thanks to Cusy, application developers can already concentrate fully on their development. They don’t have to worry about the maintenance and care of the necessary development tools such as project management, document management and version management.

Furthermore, the Cusy platform also provides tools for testing and production such as Continuous Integration and log management & analysis.

Finally, Cusy also provides tools for marketing and support such as web analytics and helpdesk.

In addition to all the necessary tools, Cusy also provides VMs for running applications that allow easy Continuous Delivery with GitLab. For this, Cusy provides an API for creating, modifying and deleting VMs. With this, the vision of Cusy has become reality: DevOps as an API.