Python training for Data Scientists and Research Software Engineers

About these courses

The courses are aimed at data and business analysts, scientists and research software engineers.

About Python

Python is not a programming language specifically designed for numerical and scientific computing like Julia or R. Rather, it emerged in the 1980s as a teaching language designed to bridge the gap between shell andC.

It was not until the 2000s that Python positioned itself as an alternative to MATLAB as matplotlib for data visualisation, SciPy for scientific computing, iPython as a shell and NumPy for arrays emerged.

In the 2010s, Python evolved more and more into an alternative for R:

«At the time, I had a distinct set of requirements that were not well addressed by any single tool at my disposal:

  • Data structures with labeled axes …
  • Integrated time series functionality
  • Arithmetic operations and reductions
  • Flexible handling of missing data
  • Merge and other relational operations …

I wanted to be able to do all of these things in one place, preferably in a language well suited to general-purpose software development.»

– Wes McKinney, author of pandas, in Python for Data Analysis

In addition to pandas for labelled data, scikit-learn for machine learning and Jupyter notebooks for an interactive, web-based development environment were created.

Python is an easy-to-learn general-purpose language, and that is probably its greatest strength for Data Science.


First experience with Python is helpful, but not required. In our Python for DataScience seminar, you will receive an introduction to the general programming concepts of Python such as object orientation, dynamic typing, variables, loops and functions.

Training types

Open training
We have been offering seminars for up to 8 people for many years.
In-house training
This is an inexpensive way for you to have multiple employees have the same subject trained in your classrooms.
Individual training
The demand-oriented training, in which we offer you quick and individual the desired knowledge on your desired date.

Voices about our courses

„The trainer addressed all open questions and adapted the training perfectly to our level of knowledge!“

– Daniel Kissel, Hays AG

„The data visualization training with cusy helped me improve greatly on robust Data Science fundamentals, leading to a prolonged understanding of the subject matter and replicable and robust results going forward.“

– Dennis K., Civil Servant

„The structure of the training, based on online documentation (PyViz tutorial & Jupyter tutorial), not only explained tasks and their solutions, but also taught a method for retrieving the documentation and reusing it in one‘s own company.“

– Johannes Zieher, Engineering Team Leader, Women’s Health Ultrasound GE Healthcare

„Good understanding of the material, good balance between lecture and practical exercises. Questions were answered very well.“

– Willy Macke, Process Engineering IT, Bizlink Special Cables Germany GmbH

Python mentoring and 1:1 coaching

Work directly with the cusy Python team in one-to-one sessions to learn new skills.

If you need extra help with your Python project, or are stuck troubleshooting complex issues, we can help. Whether in a single session or long-term support, work with us to solve your problems and achieve your goals:

In our individual sessions, we review and improve your code with you in pair programming.

In mentoring, we adapt our curriculum and tailor sessions to your individual needs so that you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Beyond Python, we can also provide expert help in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Vue and Git, as well as web development, software design and architecture, and automation.

Further information

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