Nextcloud and OnlyOffice hosting in Germany for efficient office work

Effective office work

With Nextcloud and OnlyOffice you can share and edit documents, send and receive emails, manage calendars and video chat. With our Nextcloud and OnlyOffice hosting you get a secure and data protection compliant solution for online collaboration.

Nextcloud Files: Sync and share files

File Sync and Share

Nextcloud Files offers a local platform for universal file access and synchronisation with powerful collaboration functions as well as desktop, mobile and web interfaces. Employees have easy and quick access to their files, photos and documents. You can also share them with team members, customers and partners to work with them.

Users can share files with other users or create and send password-protected public links.

If necessary, a powerful full-text search engine based on ElasticSearch can be used.

Nextcloud groupware: calendar, contacts & mail

Calendar, contacts & mail

Nextcloud Groupware integrates calendar, contact, email and other productivity features into Nextcloud Files, so teams can get their work done faster and easier.

Workspaces allow adding folders, notes, task lists and links to files in context. This is ideal for team coordination and to ensure that everyone is informed about what is going on and can track tasks.

While several people can edit office documents and notes in the browser at the same time, some files have to be downloaded to make changes. The files are locked to prevent write conflicts with other users. If necessary, colleagues can simply contact in chat or comment to ask what is going on.

Nextcloud administrators have a workflow management system with which they can specify rules for the flow of data between users. These rules can include the physical location, user groups and file properties.

Large email attachments can easily be replaced by Nextcloud shares using Outlook or Thunderbird addons.

Nextcloud Talk: calls, chat and web meetings

Calls, chat and web meetings

Nextcloud Talk offers private audio and video conferences as well as text chat via browser and mobile devices with integrated screen sharing and SIP.


NextCloud and OnlyOffice are licensed as free software under the AGPL v3.

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